Additional Parade Info

Please refer to the previous post for the initial info. We will be in the Orange Area #50.

Due to safety concerns and traffic flow issues, we encourage participants to utilize the DROP-OFF AREA in the front (south) drive of the high school.  PLEASE ESCORT YOUNGER CHILDREN to take them to their line-up area.  You will NOT be allowed to drop off participants in the line-up area in the school’s back (north) parking lot.Otherwise, we ask that you park your car elsewhere and then escort your participant to their designated line-up area.

The parade will begin at Brookfield Central High School located at 169th and Gebhardt Rd., travel west on Gebhardt Rd. to Calhoun Rd., then north on Calhoun to North Ave., and west on North Ave. to Norhardt, south on Norhardt –  approximately 1.25 miles.  Parade Route

Staging Area

Read more: Additional Parade Info
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