NGA Virtual Meet – 2/26

We have been asked by Panhandle Perfection (my sister’s club in Florida) to particpate in their home meet which is virtual. They are competing NGA which is a new governing body for gymnastics (but hasn’t quite become popular in Wisconsin yet)…lots of teams in the South trying it. It’s run by former Olympians (Kim Zmeskal and more) as alternative to USAG. We will compete under Panhandle Perfection for this meet, just to try it but should we decide to compete other meets as NGA, we will purchase our own membership. They too hold a Nationals in Orlando and other fun events. The cost is $65. Payment will be run on 2/26 for anyone planning to compete. We would like the whole competition team represented! We will be videoing their routines at practice on 2/26. Gymnasts should wear their competition leotards and come with their hair meet-ready! It is a closed meet – you are welcome to watch in the viewing room but as the judges aren’t live, we are just taping the routines. Hope you will all join us for another chance to compete our routines and earn some medals. (We can even talk about going to NGA Nationals if you are interested!)

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