Request for Wrist weights to be used for leg strength

We are asking that all TEAM gymnasts purchase a pair of Wrist Weights to be used on their ankles/wrists at times.

For Fast Track/Level 2/Level3s – please only purchase 1-1.5 lb weights.

Level 4-9 – Please purchse 2-3 lb weights

  • You may want to purchase a back up pair just in case. Gymnasts should have their names on them and keep them in their lockers or gym bag.
  • These are not overly expensive – I found them recently at Marshalls, TJ Max, 5 below, Goodwill (though the Goodwill ones are not overly cheap! You pay about the same as you do for new ones at Marshalls, etc.).
  • While you are looking, think about purchasing a mid-weight thera band for the lower level gymnasts and a thicker strength for levels 4-9. Again, multiples are helpful in case they break or get lost. Please write your gymnast’s name on the items.
  • We plan to use these for most practices.
  • If you can find a small enough wrist weight cuff, the gymnasts can use these too for additional strengthening. But the weights being used for ankles are the immediate wish!
  • Please have these by Jan 4th.
  • A good stocking stuffer lol?

PS – if anyone knows of anyone getting rid of weight equipment for cheap, please let me know. I would love some Bossu Balls, Battle Ropes, extra Kettle Bells, Weight bars…

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