L2-L4 Routine Videos

If you missed today’s routine clinic and don’t know the routines, you must schedule a private lesson with Amy ($50) 414-303-5195 (text) or one of the other coaches in the next week because we will begin doing the full routines during practice. We will not be “teaching” the routine during practice just working on perfecting it. Be sure to pick up a handout with the words at practice.


Here are some excellent videos about the USAG routines – showing correct positions and terminology.  Please have your gymnast take a look at these as we are almost a month out before competition!!

Level 2 Videos – https://youtu.be/lBZcgqqSb68

Level 3 Floor Tutorial – https://youtu.be/ZChBiWszEH8

Level 3 Beam Tutorial –https://youtu.be/lirx7m4UG1I

Level 3 Bar Tutorial – https://youtu.be/u3XaSIUaDE8

Level 4 Floor Tutorial – https://youtu.be/lJCAoPu6jPg

Level 4 Beam Tutorial – https://youtu.be/mSl1U6GrY_s

Level 4 Bar Routine-  https://youtu.be/NoPvMCp7Lds

Routine videos – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Mjr0aOmykp5s7FBIktA5qXYwtjlGfdf

You can always google some awesome USAG Floor or Beam Routines.  There might be slight differences in presentation but look for requirements and angles. Take a look at the bar routines too!

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