Girls 2020-2021 Meet Schedule

2020-2021 Girls’ Competition Schedule  – Levels 2-9

October ?                         Wildcard Pre-season meet – TBD (USAG/AAU)

November 7-8                 Altius  (Franklin)

November 21-22             Precision (Oshkosh)

December 12-13              Scamps (Kenosha)

January 15-17                   Lake Geneva Invite

February 26-28                 Gymfinity Dairy Aire (Madison)

March 12-14                       Lambeau Leap  (Green Bay)  ** (pick up meet – only if needed) 

* TBD                                   AAU Meet  (add 1-2 small meets) – TBD

March 20-21                      USAG Compulsory Level 2-5 State (Milwaukee?)

March 26-28                      USAG Optional State Level 6-10 (Salto)

April 16-18*                       USAG Regionals Level 9-10 (Iowa)

April 30-May 2                AAU Central Districts (Illinois) -or – 

      TBD                              AAU Wisconsin State 

June 16-20                         AAU Nationals – ESPN (Disney/Florida)

  • Meet fees – $1500 (not including State/Regionals/Nationals or the Lambeau Leap meet.  3 installments of $500.

Meet fee installments will be 3 payments of $500 (August 15th, September 15th, October 15th).  You may pay weekly or bi-weekly but payment is due on the 15th and your card will be run that day.  Please make a payment at the front desk before practice starts or let us know how you would like it paid.  Gymnasts will not be registered for meets without the August payment!  Meet fees are non-refundable!  (No refunds are given for gymnasts if they cannot attend a meet – sorry!).  Meets are usually 1 day out of the weekend.  We wont know until about 2-3 weeks before the scheduled date as to when your child will compete.  We will let you know on meet requirements for spectators/gymnasts as we go along. 

Due to COVID – the compulsory (Levels 2-5) season was pushed to October – March.  This means that gyms that host off-site at a venue charge more to cover the venue’s fees.  Unfortunately then, compulsory meet fees are the same price as optional meet fees!  If anything changes – we will let you know if there is a fee reduction. 

AAU – Typically in order to qualify for AAU State/Districts, Regionals or Nationals gymnasts must compete 2 AAU meets.  We don’t have a schedule for these yet and will let you know when they are added.  

USAG – Gymnasts must qualify for State based on their All-Around Score.
L2 – *33.00 (not required)
L3 – 33.00
L4 – 33.00
L5 – 32.00
L6 – 32.00
L7 – 31.00
L8 – 32.00  (Regionals 34.00 at State)

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