Carnaval Meet Prep/Friday Practice

We are going to need a lot of help this week getting the gym ready for our meet on Sunday! We’ll be moving things around and setting up while practice is happening.  We are hoping to be finished by the end of practice on Friday.

Friday we are going to have a different practice schedule.

Levels 2/3/4 – 4:30p-6:30p
We are going to events at 4:30pm!  We will not go back to a missed event. Practice will end at 6:30pm. Please pick up your child immediately after practice! Level 2-3 will only be allowed in the gym if their parents are here helping. Level 4 gymnasts are allowed to stay as long as they are helping. Any gymnasts here while the upper gymnasts are practicing need to be helping. They can not be running around for safety reasons.

Levels 5-9 630p-830p
We are aiming for an 8:30pm end time, but it may need to be more like 9-9:30pm

Tentative set up plan:
Wednesday – WE NEED MUSCLE!
Move beams
Move tumble track
Concessions – Set up as much as possible
Judges and Coaches room – set up as much as possible

Thursday – WE NEED MUSCLE!
Move bleachers and chairs
Moving any other equipment
Final touches to gym/start decor

Friday –
Decor/Judges tables/Scoring table
Vacuum Gym
Wipe down bars areas

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