Team and Individual Photos

Tis the season to be smiley!

Rosa’s Photography will be taking photos of the gymnasts at Wildcard on Sunday, December 1, 2019.  We will be doing these photos in sessions by level. Please bring your child to their individual session and back for the team photo. If you leave your child here between sessions there must be a parent staying with them. No exceptions. In the individual session your child can do up to two poses.

Please wear the long sleeve competition Leotard. Fast Track can wear any leotard, however, if they want to be part of the team photo they will need to purchase the CURRENT competition leotard from the pro-shop. Boys should wear Black Shorts and a black Wildcard T-Shirt.

Optionals (Level 6-9): 11am

Level 4 & 5’s: 12:30pm

Level 3’s: 2:00pm

Level 2’s & Fast Track & Boys: 3:00pm

Team Photo: 4:30pm

The prices and packages are as follows. For any questions contact Veronica at Rosa’s Photography.

wildcard pricing

wildcard pricing

ad 1

a la cart



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