Response Needed: Wildcard Royale + Add-On Meet

Our last home meet of the year is a little less than a month away. The Wildcard Royale will be October 12-13th at Wildcard Gymnastics.  The plan is for everyone to compete USAG. For levels 2-4 this was already included in your meet fees and your child is already signed up. 

Your gymnast has the option of competing twice that weekend by competing in the AAU portion. The AAU portion is  fun and your gymnast can earn up to five medals at that time, plus it will qualify you for AAU State, Regionals and Nationals. The additional cost would be $45. Whether you want your child to compete the AAU portion or not, please fill out THIS FORM. Please let us know by 9/30.  Optionals (Level 6-9) please pay $65 for the two meets at the front desk.  All gymnasts will be entered in the USAG portion unless otherwise notified.  No refunds will be given. 

Meet Buy In
Since Wildcard does not have a booster club we rely on our team to help us fill our concession stand. To do this we collect a $25 meet buy-in whenever we have big home meets. You can come into the gym to pay this meet buy in on your own or we will run it on October 4th.

Every gym family will be expected to help set up, take down, and work at least TWO sessions. If you cannot be here because of a prior obligation please find a representative for your family. If your family does not volunteer there will be a $50 opt-out charge added to your account. The volunteer schedule will come out in a few weeks when we have an idea of what the sessions will look like.

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