Urgent Response Needed: AMKM Fall Meet

On October 19th AMKM will be hosting a Fall meet at their new facility in Sparta. We would love to show up with a group to support them! The deadline for us to register the team is THIS THURSDAY so we need a response from you immediately.

This will be an AAU meet. Because of this we have added $25 to the registration fee as everyones memberships have expired. (This will save you a little money later at our home meet.)

The meet will be hosted in SPARTA on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19TH, 2019. The total cost for your child to compete will be $115.  This meet is for levels 2-8. Please fill out this form by Thursday.  Just to be clear if you do not fill this out by Thursday there are not late add-on’s and we will not be chasing anyone down.

Sorry for the urgency! We have been very busy in the office working on the three home meets. Watch for a blog post soon about our upcoming meet.

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