Badger State Meet 9/8/19

Badger State Schedule 

Sunday 9/8/19

Session 1
Levels 5-9
Journi A, Alyssa, Jessa, Mya V, Caelyr, Emily, Sarah, Aaliyah

Arrive 745
Warm Up 800
March In 815
Start 825

Session 2
Levels 2-4
Christy, Adanna, Anna, Elliana, Olivia J, Abigail, Callie, Kinsley, Tani, Annie, Jehonna, Kenzie, Marisa, Coralyn, Zoe, Sydnee, Malia, Evie, Eriauna, Nevaeh, Luna, Journie C, Brooklyn, Mya G, Macie, Aramae, Kyndal, Maddie, Jayden, Luci, Isabella, Kaitlin, Zari, Cami, Ellie

Arrive 1015
Warm Up 1030
March In 1045
Start 1055

 Please wear your long sleeve competition leotard

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