USAG Membership

In order to register for meets each gymnast must have a current USAG membership.  If you have not updated your membership it will expire 7/31.  Everyone should have received a reminder email to update their membership.  The following gymnast appear on the club roster with updated USAG memberships and will be registered for meets…

Bledsoe, Eriauna
Easley, Brooklyn
Kollm, Mackenzie
Kollm, Madeline
Moreno, Luciana
Reid, Coralyn
Russell, Zoe
Sanders, Kassidy
Vanderboom, Mya
Zimmerman, Alyssa

If you are not on the list please update your membership ASAP.  Failure to take care of this by 8/1 will result in your gymnast not being registered for the first 3 meets, with NO refund on meet fees.  Please contact the gym if you have not received your USAG email.

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