Reorder/New Warm-ups

We are planning to reorder warm-ups or order warm-ups for those gymnasts that do not have them.  Please fill out the google doc to  order your warm-up and please pay promptly at the front desk.  Orders are due by July 20th.  No warm-ups will be ordered without a complete payment.   

These are the same GTM warm-ups we ordered last year.  We will not be ordering new warm-ups until 2021, so if you need one or need particular pieces, please fill out the google doc or talk to Amy or Lindsey.   Amy and Lindsey can help with sizing if you aren’t sure too.  This will probably be our only order for these this year.

Amy is looking into another company to do NEW compression tanks/shorts, possibly half-tops, capris, AND BACKPACKS!!  They are doing a mock up for us now and hopefully a bundle price.  My guess would be that with the back pack it will be around $150-$200 to get back pack plus 3 pieces of clothing.   And… Amy is looking into custom bows so all our gymnasts can match.

We have one other T-shirt sale coming up.  Flyers will be distributed as soon as we get them. This one is for families too!  So get your WILDCARD MERCH!!  🙂

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