Regionals/Nationals/Turners Meet Leotard – Due by Friday!!! $35

We are interested in getting a new leotard for the Nationals meet this year.  (The district wanted to go with Pink instead of the traditional Red/Black). We are looking at this leotard for $35 with WISCONSIN in Rhinestones on the back.  We can wear it for AAU Regionals, Turner Nationals and AAU Nationals.

*** IF you are attending Nationals, I would like that all of the gymnasts be “uniform” and we all wear the same one.   Personally, I feel the same way about Turner Nationals and Regionals, but you will need to wear the old red or black Wisconsin short sleeve leotards then if you don’t order. 

*I need to place the order by the end of next week to guarantee they will be here by AAU REGIONALS.  Please pay your $35 at the front desk ASAP or call/email to run your card.  (Any one else that wants to order one, feel free, just let me know and we will add you to the order!) 




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