Free Trial: Fireflies

Fireflies is a day camp program that runs Monday-Friday from 9-12 noon.  Wildcard will offer a one day free trial on a Monday or Thursday to anyone who would like to try the program out.  To reserve a free trail day please stop in, email, or call (262) 923-7418.

Free trial conditions: One pass per child. 24 hour notice is necessary.  Offer expires 3/31/19. Register online at

Fireflies important details and bonus:

  • Daily cost $35
  • Purchase a week and save $25:Weekly cost $175 (5 day package)
  • Purchase a month and save $300: Monthly cost $400 (20 day package)

Purchase conditions: Days may be used randomly and do not have to be used consecutively.  You will have until May 31, 2019  to use all days purchased.  No refunds will be given for days purchased and not used.

Referral bonus: Referral bonus applies to the Fireflies Day Camp with the purchase of a week or more. So get out and spread the word.  Remember the incentive includes a $25 credit to both the new registrant and the current account holder.  Please ensure that your referral notifies the front desk at time of purchase.

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