Last Call for AAU meets

Hi all!  I am getting ready to register our kids for the 2019 AAU Season.  If you would like your gymnast registered for these additional meets  – please make sure you have already filled out the google form.

Our first AAU meet will be in February. The total cost for AAU season, plus AAU fees will be $325.  This can be paid in one installment or two. The first installment is due by 1/1/19 for the amount of $175 and the second is due 2/1/19 for the amount of $150.

AAU Regular Season Meets:
February 2-3 – Hub City – Marshfield, WI 

February 16-17 – Carnival Classic – Wildcard AAU & (possibly USAG)

March 30-31st – AMKM – Rockland, WI

*Everyone will be expected to do the Carnival Classic. If this is the only meet you will be doing the cost is $75 for AAU and $50 USAG (there is a possibility that we will not conduct both, but we will keep you posted).

Additional Meets for AAU Season
These meets below are not part of the three meet package. We will collect sign-ups at a later date. There is no qualification score required to participate in any of these meets.

Central District/State Championship – Rockford, IL (approx. $100)

Midwest Regionals – Eau Claire, WI (approx. $150)

AAU Nationals – ESPN World Wide Sports – Disney – Florida (approx. $150-200)

We have the following people registered:

Aramae, Brooklyn, Jayden, JaNiya, Kyndal, Maddie K, Kenzie K, Nevaeh, Sydnee, Aaliyah, Sarah, Emily, KK, Macie, Mya G, Maggie V (Wildcard only), Jehonna, LeZariah, Ameira (Wildcard only), Sydnee, Charlie (Wildcard only), Bella (Wildcard only), Journi  A (Wildcard only), Malia (Wildcard only), Journie C

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