Fall Practice Schedule

August 27th starts the fall practice schedule.  Please review the schedule as there have been some changes as to who comes what night.

Gold Bugs 2 – T & TH 430-730 – Brittany, Jehonna, Aria, Kenzie, Sophia V., Arianna, Lilly

Fast Track Teal – M & W 630-830 Fri 430-830 – Evelyn A, Kali, Bailey, Tava, Kamryn, Ada, Ellie S., Ava, Sydnee

Fast Track Purple – T & TH 630-830 Fri 430-830 – Navaeh, Ja’Niya, Lauren H., Sarah J., Ameria, Brandi, Malia, Evelyn B

Level 2 Silver – M & W 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Charlie, Coralyn, Kaitlin, Maggie, Anna W

Level 3 Purple – M & W 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Luna, Brooklyn, Macie, Kyndal, Le’Zariah, Cami, Jayden, Annika, Maddie K.

Level 3 Silver – T & Th 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Journie C, Cailyn, Lauren, Amiah, Mya G, Isabella, Melissa, Jayda, Kamarrya, Nariah

Level 4 – M & W 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Journie A, Aramae, Luci, Jessa, Brinley, Kira, Alyssa, Kassidy

Level 5-Opt – M & T 530-730 Th & F 430-830 – Maeggan, Emily, Aaliyah, Caelyr, Sarah, Mya V., Vanesa, Nahar

Open Gym on Fridays 830-10pm and Saturdays 6-8pm

Sorry if anyone was missed

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