Conditioning, Clinic, USAG Membership & New Private Lessons, AMKM

Don’t forget:

Conditioning Training on Saturday 10:30-Noon ($5 – pay at the front desk!)
Compulsory Clinic  THIS  Sunday – see previous Blog post!
USAG Membership needs to be renewed by 7/31 or you will not be registered for the first 3 meets (our meet entry is due 8/1!! (Your meet fees are non-refundable for this!)
New Private Lesson list is up for next week. Click here!
AMKM CAMP – I need your Registration (your check can be paid the day we leave or just prior!) Please fill out the registration form and get it to AMY.

These are the last few weeks of practice before we head back to the Fall schedule.  Please make sure you are attending your SCHEDULED practices.  Additional practices are great and for the rest of the summer gymnasts are welcome to attend any Morning 9-noon (except Fridays 9-12:30) and Evenings 4:30-7:30 p.m. (Level 4s and up should stay until 8:30 p.m.).  Please see the previous blog post for the Fall practice schedule.


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