Independence Day Parade Info

July 2nd – West Allis Parade

The West Allis Fourth of July Parade is on Monday, July 2 at 7 p.m. As a result, there is no team practice for any level (morning or evening)!  (No Rec classes that week either). Xcel can make up their practice at another time. No other levels will be made up as we offer extra practices for the summer. New Gold Bugs and Fast Track should plan to attend; as well as Boys team!  Ms. Sarah will be spearheading the parade since Amy/Ben, and a few other coaches will still be in Florida.

We are space number TBD and typically towards the end of the parade. They do ask that everyone be lined up by 6:30 p.m., however, given the fact that we are near the back, if everyone starts coming by 6:45, we will be OK with that. Please wear your NEW  exhibition leotard (the black, purple and teal shortsleeve) or a Wildcard t-shirt. If it is cool, wearing Wildcard warmups or sweatshirts are ok. (Hopefully our new leotards will be here by then!). Boys should wear a Wildcard shirt and black shorts.  Don’t forget to wear those winter stretchy gloves for tumbling and tennis shoes.  Wear sunscreen and bug repellant if you need it.  We may need someone to bring the banners and wagon for Ms. Sarah (her car isn’t big enough).  We will need about 3-6 parents to help walk in the parade – but you must have a shirt.  Click here to sign up to help at either parade! 

We will be lined up along 77th Street between Greenfield and Pierce (probably closer to Pierce). The parade runs along Greenfield Ave. east to 70th St. and proceeds south to National, ending at Veterans Park. There is a little festival after the parade. Please promptly pick up your child at the end of the parade.  Click here to sign up to help at either parade. 

July 4th – Tosa and Brookfield Parades

We don’t have a problem if you need to change parades, just let us know.

Tosa:  Levels 3, 4, and Optionals/Xcel   (Amy & Ben)

Brookfield:  Gold Bugs I & II, Fast Track and Level 2, Boys   (Sarah, Erin?) 

Tosa Parade info:  Arrive at approximately 8:20 am in front of the Wauwatosa Civic Center/Public Library (or “White Area”) on 76th Street. We are number 27.

Remember, please wear your exhibition leotard, socks, and athletic shoes with patriotic themed hair and makeup. Don’t forget your stretchy gloves for tumbling.  Boys should wear a Wildcard T-shirt and shorts.

The Wauwatosa Civic Center/Public Library is located across from Longfellow Middle School on North Ave and Milwaukee Ave (76th St).

Parade runs west from 80th & North Ave to 104th Street.  Pick up should be at the southwest Mayfair Parking Structure.  Please contact Amy 414-303-5195 or Ben 414-218-2022 if you have questions.

We will need 6 parents or older siblings to help with carrying the banner, passing out brochures and water to the gymnasts. Parents please sign up to help at the front desk for parades. Only one parent has signed up so far for anything. We need sign holders and people to help pass out brochures. Make sure that you are in Wildcard gear.

Gymnasts should wear their NEW exhibition leotard for all parades and exhibition events.  Boys can wear a Wildcard shirt and black shorts.  Don’t forget to wear socks and tennis shoes and bring a pair of stretchy/magic gloves so you can TUMBLE in the parade.  Parents MUST wear a Wildcard shirt to walk/ participate.  We should have some new shirts and tank tops available in the ProShop near the front desk.  Gymnasts – please freeze a squeezable water bottle half full and fill up the remainder with water in the morning.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!  And deck yourselves out in patriotic head wear!

Brookfield Parade Info:

Brookfield Parade: Wednesday, July 4.

We are line-up number 85  – Staging is in the Brookfield Central High School parking lot nearest the tennis courts. You may drop your child at Brookfield Central High School at 9 a.m. From the city of Brookfield, “For participant drop-offs, enter the EAST drive to Brookfield Central on Gebhardt Rd. and utilize the driveway in front of the school.”

The parade begins at 10 a.m. and will travel west on Gebhardt Rd. to Calhoun Rd., then north on Calhoun to North Ave., and West on North Ave. to Norhardt, then south on Norhardt. The parade route is approximately 1.5 miles long.  If there is someone that can bring an extra wagon for the water bottles that would be awesome.  We will need about 4-6 parents/older siblings (in Wildcard Gear) to help with the banner, brochures and passing out water.  Please sign up at the front desk.   Don’t forget to wear your stretchy gloves, tennis shoes and sunscreen!

Brookfield has some cool other events that day too:  Family Fest is from 6-9 p.m. at Mitchell Park and Fireworks at 9:15 p.m.

If you have not picked up your new EXHIBITION LEOTARD – you must pick it up from AMY on Monday!  We are leaving for Nationals on Tuesday!  Team gymnasts must be paid for both the Longsleeve and Shortsleeve in order to pick them up ($145).  Fast Track gymnasts will need to purchase the new exhibition leotard if they do not have one.  The long sleeve competition leotards will be coming soon.  Cost for the new exhibition leo is $45 and $100 for the longsleeve.  Gold Bugs I and II are encouraged to purchase both for the upcoming competition season. 


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