Wildcard is holding a fundraiser in hopes to purchase a Blow Up Foam Pit for the gym. Besides being a fun addition to the gym a foam pit holds many advantages. Having a pit will make it easier for gymnasts to obtain new tricks knowing they have more cushion below them.  We are asking all team and pre-team gymnasts to participate in this fundraiser. Each gymnast is required to sell no fewer than $100 worth of product or parents may choose to buying of the fundraiser with a $100 donation.

The Fundraiser has already begun. If you did not receive a packet please be sure to pick one up at the front desk. The fundraiser ends May 5th. (You may have received a paper saying it ends May 1st but it has been extended to May 5th.)  Please turn your form and money into Wildcard by May 5th. Please make sure money is in a SEALED envelope and handed directly to Ben, Amy, or Lindsey.  Checks can be made out to Wildcard.


Everyone who participates will get something.
– Please refer to the “Crazy about Prizes” insert in your fundraiser package

Addition Incentives
– Any gymnast who sells 25 items or more will be invited to an exclusive VIP pizza party & open gym session.
– The top seller of the gym will receive a leotard and shorts set or boys apparel.

Want to sell to out of state friends or family?

Create an account by following these steps:
Please visit to register your student.
A. Go to “Students Register Here”, enter your School ID #112712, Press “Go”
B. Enter in the required fields and then press the “Next” button.
C. Send emails to out of town family & friends, hit “Send” when your list is complete

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