New Competition & Exhibition Leo Order

We are still in the process of receiving our refund from the warm-up company. At this point, we are hoping to reorder using a company we have previously used and trust. We are hoping the package will be similar to what we had offered originally. Most likely these will be available for Gold Bugs and Fast Track as well. We will definitely have them by the USAG season.

2018 is our year to order new long sleeve competition leotards and exhibition leotards. All gymnasts planning to compete this fall or the winter of 2019 will need to purchase both. The cost is $145 for both pieces. Please make your payment by May 1st. If you do not order, we cannot guarantee that there will be extras available in your child’s size.
Scroll down to see full images.




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1 Response to New Competition & Exhibition Leo Order

  1. ssvolley says:

    Hi. There are no images to scroll down too.

    Thanx ~ cindy


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