State Apparel Purchase for AAU Regionals and Nationals

It is time to place your order for our AAU Regionals (Farmington, Missouri) and AAU Nationals (Tampa, Florida) competition attire.  If your gymnast will be competing at Regionals and/or Nationals she will need to wear a Wisconsin state leotard (newly purchased or recycled from a previous year).  The design below is an optional purchase, but a really cute way to represent our state.   The leotard is $30, shorts $15, t-shirt $18, sweatshirt $30, or you can get all four pieces for $85.  Please place your order by clicking here.

Important note: Orders and payments are due by Friday, April 6th. Payment must be submitted to the front desk by Friday, April 6th to complete your order. If payment is not made by the due date your order will not be placed.

AAU wildcard state leo

Click here to see photo of leotard


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