Happy 2018…warm-up news…

Well, it’s a great start to 2018.  Thanks to all that rang in the New Year at the Overnight!  If you didn’t come, you are welcome to next year!  It was a lot of fun.

I’ve got quite a few sign ups for the upcoming meets.  We are doing a buy one/get one for the Wildcard Meet (If you register for the Carnaval Classic – we will allow your gymnast to compete BOTH the AAU session and the USAG session – yay for extra experience!)  So far, it looks as if it will all be hosted on Saturday with the USAG session first, then the AAU session in the afternoon (all pending judges’ approval).  If you haven’t signed up for the other AAU Meets  – please do so ASAP.  Only the payments for the first couple meets needs to be in by February.  I do not need payments for State/Regionals/Nationals yet!

Now the warm-up predicament:  Everything was re-ordered and the company just finished sending them again this past weekend, however, they over-corrected and they are TOO large.  I understand the frustration, because believe me, I am feeling it!  I have agreed to work with them one more time to figure this whole thing out and we will be receiving some sort of credit/incentive from the company.  They are a very small company and extremely upset that this happened in the first place and are embarrassed that when it was sent to their supplier, it was messed up again.  They are not out to sabotage us or cheat us at all.  They are doing what ever they can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

I am in communication with the company and will let everyone know as soon as I have further information.  No monies will be returned at this point because technically, the garments are in production and WE WILL be receiving what you ordered in the correct sizes.  The ones the kids have now are only to tide us over until we receive the corrected ones.  I have also been in contact with him about the pilling on the pants/tanks/shorts.  They are trying to figure out the best way to remedy that as well.  I have complete faith that this will all turn out for the best!
If you have further questions, let me know.


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