Level 3-5 State Meet Schedule for Gymnasts

Vincent High School
7501 N Granville Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Hosted by Wildcard!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Arrive:8:15am Warm-up:8:30am Begin:8:45am Awards:11:10am Gym:B

Arrive:9:15am Warm-up:9:30am Begin:9:45am Awards:12pm Gym:A
Brinley, Brynn

Arrive:12:05pm Warm-up:12:20pm Begin:12:35pm Awards:2:50pm Gym:A
Alanna, Mahogany

Arrive:2:55pmpm Warm-up:3:10pm Begin:3:25pm Awards:6:00pm Gym:A
Hayden, Journi A., Journie C., Lucianna, Jessa

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Arrive:8:45am Warm-up:9:00am Begin:9:15am Awards:11:50am Gym:A
Payton, Ava, Mikayla

Arrive:12:00pm Warm-up:12:15pm Begin:12:30pm Awards:2:45pm Gym:A
Aramae, Hailey, Zelia

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