ALL PRE-TEAM and TEAM Parent Meeting FRI. OCT. 20th

There will be a parent meeting  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th at 7:30 pm for the entire team, including all of our pre-competitive programs, all girls’ levels, and all boys’ levels.

There is no meet scheduled for that weekend.

The meeting will address the upcoming state meet Wildcard will be hosting at the start of December.

The following groups are considered part of Wildcard’s competitive and pre-competitive programs:

  • Girls’ Levels 2 – 9
  • Xcel
  • Boys Levels 4+
  • Goldbugs 2
  • Fast Track Silver
  • Dragonflies

Wildcard was granted the ability to host the level 3 – 5 state championship earlier this year. Gymnasts from across our entire state will be commuting to the Milwaukee area for the competition. The meet will be the largest competition some of our team families have ever encountered. It will be much more complex than almost all of our team families have been involved with – with the exception of a few Optional level parents that are familiar with the state meets we ran 4 years ago. This is a huge opportunity and honor for our gym to be granted the bid, but it will require full participation from all of our team family. Several topics regarding how state will run will be addressed at this meeting and you will be able to ask questions.

A family representative from everyone must be present that night. It is vital because this large of an event will require everyone’s help, and this will be very different from our own invitationals of the past.

Practice will be adjusted to end at 7:30 pm that night so both parent and gymnast can attend the meeting and understand their respective roles in the event.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. We will be asking families to sign in so we can contact any families that are not present.

Looking forward to a successful event!

Thanks for being part of our Wildcard family!

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