Wildcard Gymnastics promotes safe behaviors…

Hi all,
In lieu of the events that have hit locally and nationally about the misconduct and predatory behaviors of coaches, Wildcard Gymnastics just wants to remind its patrons that we always have our gymnasts’ best interest at heart. Please report any suspicious incidences or odd behaviors that you may have noticed or your child has noticed. We are dedicated to making sure this is a safe environment for all. Make sure you discuss these things with your child, as uncomfortable as it may be, and be sure to be informed. The links listed below can help answer any questions you may have.

For your information, our head coaches are background checked every two years and also safety certified by USA Gymnastics. Our preschool and recreational coaches are carefully picked by the head staff. We do our best to make sure that they are informed of safe practices as well as conducting their classes in an appropriate manner. Should you see something that draws concern, please contact Amy or Ben immediately.

USA Gymnastics We Care Program Material

Additional letter from USA Gymnastics regarding the recent events in the national news

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