Nationals News

Hi Everyone! Nationals is fast approaching. The girls have been working very hard to prepare for the event! There are just a few things that I would like to share with you before your arrival into Kingsport.

All athletes must register before competing. It is highly recommended that they do so the day before their competition day.  Registration hours are as follows:

Wednesday, July 21st-12pm-6pm
Thursday, July 22nd-7am-4:30pm
Friday, July 23rd-7am-1:30pm
Saturday, July 24th-7am-4:30pm

Once you have registered your athlete, there is no need to register again. Just be sure that they have their credentials when they come the competition floor.

We will be participating in the Parade of Champions on Friday, June 23rd. It is free and will be held at Dobyns-Bennett High School Dome, 1 Tribe Way, Kingsport. There will be an official athlete march in (by district) and entertainment. Athletes are to line up in the lobby at 5:45pm. Let’s plan a meeting destination before heading there (meeting place to be determined later).

Last, but not least, we need a shoe box. We will decorate the shoe box and collect as much change as possible and donate it. The theme this is for Nationals is “Kids helping Kids”. You can start to donate your change now (although we don’t have our shoe box yet). Just drop your change in the water bottle marked “Kids Helping Kids” at the front desk.

Here is the layout of the venue.


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