Exhibition Leotards – Last Chance!

I am missing leotard orders from the following – please let Amy (amyg@wildcard-gymnastics.com) know, if you are planning on NOT ordering the exhibition leotard!!  Keep in mind, we wear these for any event we do in the summer; as well as if we have any news appearances; parades, exhibitions, etc.   Do not count on us ordering many extras.   Fast Track (and probably Gold Bugs 2) will use these to compete until we order new long-sleeve leotards next Summer.

The following do not have leotards ordered:

Level 2:  Kate, Jayden, Alexis, Journie C, Ava, Elina, Hailey, Anna, Maddie P, Frances
Level 3: Payton, Aramae, Mckayla, Mahogany, Tehana
Levels 6-8: Lilly, Ava,
Xcel: Olivia, Emma, Megan & Paige?, Mya
T&T: Bailey, Evie?
Fast Track: Azriel, Fatma, Khady, Melissa, Kamarrya, Gianna, Caleigh?, Isabella, Nahar, Maya, Imani

Cost is $40 and I will be placing the order by Friday!! Last CALL. Please click on the google doc in the earlier post to register for the leo. I have sizes for Fast Track and I can size who ever else needs one. Please let us know ASAP. (Now that I’ve figured out who has ordered, I will apply charges to the account by the end of the week.)

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