AAU Regionals Championships

UW Mercy Health Sports Factory
305 S Madison Street
Rockford, IL

Friday, May 5th

Arrive-6:15pm, Warmup-6:30pm, Begins-6:57pm, Awards-9:11pm
Essence, Taylor, Damayiah, Emily, Aaliyah

Saturday, May 6th

Arrive-7:45am, Warmup-8:00am, Begins-8:27am, Awards-10:09am
Journi A, Journie C, Brooklyn, Morgan, Macie, Brinley, Kyndal, Luci, Hailey, Mikayla, Julia, Le’Zariah, Riley, Jayden

Arrive-10:00am, Warmup-10:15am, Begins-11:10am, Awards-12:48pm
Alanna, Mahogany

Arrive-12:45pm, Warmup-1:00pm, Begins-1:28, Awards-3:45pm

Sunday, May 7th

Arrive-7:45am, Warmup-8:00am, Begins-8:30am, Awards-11:31am
Natalia, Keagan, Mya

Arrive-11:30am, Warmup-11:45am, Begins-12:14pm, Awards-3:16pm
Vanesa, Rhianna

Arrive-3:15pm, Warmup-3:30pm, Begins-3:52pm, Awards-6:32pm

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