Home Meet Spirit Week – Carnaval Classic

Our home meet, the Carnaval Classic, is next Saturday, Feb. 18th. That means team spirit week starts Monday! Have fun dressing up and showing your team spirit!

Kick off the week with Mardi Gras Day, followed by Coach Look-a-Like Day, Favorite Animal Day, Superhero Day, and concluding with the most important day of all Purple Day. Be sure to keep your spirit wear on until you are told to take it off, so we can snap a quick picture of all the creative ways to show support for your favorite gymnastics team.

Here’s the spirit schedule for the week one more time:

Monday 2/13 – Mardi Gras Day (wear beads, feathers, masks, and more to celebrate)

Tuesday 2/14 – Coach Look-a-Like Day (choose a coach from the gym or from history to dress up as)

Wednesday 2/15 – Favorite Animal Day (let us know who your spirit animal is by dressing just like it)

Thursday 2/16 – Superhero Day (wear underwear over tights like a comic book character or dress like someone you think is a superhero)

Friday 2/17 – Purple Day (go head-to-toe purple all day and wear your favorite purple Wildcard leotard to practice)

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