Carnaval Classic Parent Donation List

In lieu of having a Booster Club, we ask parents of Wildcard Gymnastics to assist us in various ways when we host our meets.  Not only do we ask that you volunteer to help with the meet, but we ask that you also donate items.  These semi-annual donations and volunteer hours help keep the costs of tuition down.  Please see the donation list below for your assigned items. If you decide not to bring in your items, you can choose to “buy out” at $30.

Please see sign up form to sign up on Sign Up Genius to volunteer to help with the meet.

Please bring your items prior to the meet!  We should have everything by Wednesday at 4pm. So we know what else you will need to buy.  If you do not donate your specific item, please donate $30 towards the meet concessions so that we can purchase them.  Items in RED indicate that no one is assigned to them so if you are feeling particularly creative and want to donate an extra food item for the coaches and judges room, we would greatly appreciate it.

Gogurt – 3 Lg Boxes Dakota Acevedo 3 # – taco meat cooked and seasoned Jaunberzins 60 Hot Dogs Mae Coulon
Granola Bars – 5 Boxes Journi Atkins 3 # – taco meat cooked and seasoned Paradis’ 60 Hot Dog Buns Losenja Nameni
Donuts – 18 ct. Alexis Bostedt-Henry 3 # – taco meat cooked and seasoned Herro’s 1 Lg Ketchup

1 Mustard

1 Relish

Uli Ocasio
Donuts – 18 ct. Kennedy Camberos 12 Diced Tomatoes Mikayla Rattler 2 Lg Boxes of Fruit Snacks (40 Ct or +) Justice Johnson
6 bxs – Little Debbie Snacks Kendra Haessly 3 Bags of Shredded Lettuce and 1 Lg jar of Salsa Julia Rigg 20 Snack Size bags of Puppy Chow Danayka Troka
4 Containers – 16oz Sour Cream Brynn Zirbes 20 snack size bags of Puppy Chow Riley Walker
100 – 16oz Styrofoam Cups w/ lids & 3 pks 600 ct napkins Luna Bucio-Rosas 3 pkgs of 32 oz shredded cheddar cheese Zelia Zwart 2 – 30 sm bags of assorted chips Kyndal Johnson
Liquid Creamer – 1-100 ct box equal – 1-100 ct box sugar Brooklyn Easley 3 pkgs of 32 oz shredded cheddar cheese Brinley Jaskie 2 bags of apples

2 bags oranges

2 bunch bananas

Le’Zariah Sneed
2 – 125 ct dixie plates Journie Cooley 100 (sm) bags Doritos Hailey Knapp Cookies, Brownies or Bars – 4 dz Kate Storm
2 – 125 ct dixie plates Kira Fahrbach 100 (sm) bags


Morgan Elgeti Cupcakes  Lg – 2 dz Jayden Webster
200 pcs – plastic cutlery Ava Hicks Cupcakes Lg – 2 DZ Alanna Loyd
1 bx (100 ea) of ziploc SNACK size bags and 1 bx (100 ea) ziplock SANDWICH bags Payton Denneau Super Lg bottle Dawn dish soap, 4 pk Cello pads (w/ scrubbie side) Luciana Moreno
Paper Lunch Bags – 200 qty – WHITE and

2 – 12 pk Dr. Pepper

Jessa & Camille Thommesen
36 qty – 12 oz Gatorade Mahogany Spivey 2 – 12 pk Sprite

2 – 12 pk Root Beer

Essence Burrows 4 cs – 16oz water bottles (24 ct or more) Tehana Titus
36 qty – 12 oz Gatorade Elexah Richardson 4 – 12 pk

Diet Coke

Taylor Tatum 4 cs – 16oz water bottles (24ct or more) Kamryn Whitley
4 – 12 pk Coke Isabella Phrakousonh 4 – 12 pk

Diet Coke

Damayiah Washington 4 cs – 16oz water bottles (24ct or more) Lilly Jagodzinski
4 – 12 pk Coke Amirah Murphy
Gift Baskets Kvam, Robinson, Leib, Mulligan 4 large bags of Ice – deliver on 2/18 Chloe Swan 10 table clothes – purple, gold, green (Mardi Gras) Alyssa Zimmerman
40 latex purple balloons (flat) Ryan Bingham-Tyson Mardi Gras Decorations Madison Congleton-Avant Mardi Gras Decorations Atticus Berberich
40 latex gold balloons (flat) Cole Fulford 40 latex green balloons (flat) Seth Nogrady
2 large refill size hand soap Maya Staples 3 bags of bite size chocolate Anna Sternitzky 6pk or larger paper towels Imani Stockbauer
Coaches/Judges Food List Spinach dip Amy Grining.
Yogurt Cups –

Coaches and Judges  (2 dz)

Aaliyah Krause Fruit – Apples, Oranges, Bananas

Coaches – 18 pcs

Lizzie Zeidler
Granola Bars (2 dz assorted)

Coaches & Judges

Sarah Simons Buttered Noodles- 4 lbs cooked Amanda Schaefer Fruit – Apples, Oranges, Banana’s

Judges – 18 pcs

Natalia Kovrigina
Parmesan Cheese and

4 – bgs Salad

Ava Gordon Veggie Platter Melissa Heck Cheese, Cracker & Sausage platter – Coaches Avery Bott
Cookies,  Brownies

Or Bars (2 dzn)

Coaches & Judges

Elizabeth Simon Meat Sauce – 4 LG Jars Crystal Straszewski Cheese, Cracker & Sausage Platter – Judges BeckyDee DeGarmo
36 Rolls for Dinner – Sliced Catherine DiCastri Meatballs – LG Bag Emma McAleer Cupcakes (2 dzn)

Coaches & Judges

Emma Duff
Salad Dressing – 4 Btls assorted and Croutons/Bacon Bits Hayden Ames Meatballs – LG Bag Mya Vanderboom Deviled Eggs –

2 dzn

Evie Huston
1lb ea: shredded cheese Mozzarella & Colby Jack Olivia Green Veggie Platter Jenna White Deviled Eggs – 2 dzn Azriael Atkins
2pks cough drops, 4 nail files, breath mints, bobby pins, Advil, Tylenol Kamarrya Hemphill 10 pks gum, 4 pks wintergreen lifesavers, 10 pks mini tissues Caleigh Konkol
Gasx, Tums/Rolaids, 3 boxes Band-aids Gianna Kidd 4 paks of women’s supplies for bathroom Lillian Kessler 5 bottles hand sanitizer, 2 pks wet wipes Spandana Madur


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2 Responses to Carnaval Classic Parent Donation List

  1. Jennifer Webster-Menzynski says:

    Hi- I am looking at the sign-up sheet for meet volunteers. Can you provide some more detail on what a “Ribbon Writer” does?

    Thanks, Jennie

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