M&M Challenge

M&M Challenge
West Allis Central HS
8516 w Lincoln Ave
West Allis, WI

Saturday, January 7th

Arrive-7:45am, Warm Up-8:00am, Begins-8:30am, Awards-11:15am
Caelyr, Taylor, Damiyiah

Arrive-3:00pm, Warm Up-3:15pm, Begins-3:50pm, Awards-6:05pm
Ava, Emily, Lilli, Aaliyah, Sarah

Arrive-6:00pm, Warm Up-6:15pm, Begins-6:50pm, Awards-9:15pm

Sunday, January 8th

Arrive-7:45am, Warm Up-8:00am, Begins-8:25am, Awards-10:40am
River, Catherine, Olivia, Natalia, Emma Mc, Amanda, Mya, Jenna

Arrive-11:00am, Warm Up-11:15am, Begins-11:35am, Awards-1:45pm
Paige, Megan, Elizabeth

Arrive-1:45pm, Warmp Up-2:00pm, Begins-2:35pm, Awards-4:15pm


Sunday, January 8th

Flight 2-8:45am
Emma D, Keagan

Flight 4-9:20am

Flight 5-9:35am

Flight 6-9:55am
Vanesa, Makayla, Evie

Flight 4-9:30am

Flight 6-10:00am
Rhianna, Makayla, Becky, Kendall

Flight 7-10:20am
Emma D, Keagan

Flight 8-10:40am


Double Mini
Flight 2-12:00pm
Emma D, Keagan, Rhianna, Makayla, Becky, Kendall

Flight 3-12:15pm

Flight 4-12:30pm

T&T gymnasts should arrive 30 minutes before their first flight. Awards will follow immediately after each flight (exceptions may apply). Gymnasts are welcome to leave during the break but should return 15-20 minutes before their flight time.

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