Level 3 & 4 State Meet

Alliant Energy Center
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way
Madison, WI

Saturday, December 3rd

Red Gym
Arrive-8:45am, Warm up-9:00am, Begins-9:30am, Awards-11:30am

Blue Gym
Arrive-7:45am, Warm up-8:00am, Begins-8:35am, Awards-11:15am
Emily C, Caelyr

Red Gym
Arrive-11:30am, Warm up-11:45am, Begins-12:20pm, Awards-2:50am
Alanna, Keagan, Mahogany

Blue Gym
Arrive-11:30am, Warm up-11:45am, Begins-12:20pm, Awards-3:00pm
Siena, Emma L

Red Gym
Arrive-3:00pm, Warm up-3:15pm, Begins-3:50pm, Awards-6:15pm

Blue Gym
Arrive-3:15pm, Warm up-3:30pm, Begins-4:05pm, Awards-7:00pm
Vanesa, Rhianna, Maeggan

Please remember to bring cash for admissions and for parking.  Parking is $7.  There will be State apparel for purchase at the meet.  

In celebration of State, we will hold our Team Annual State Dinner, Wednesday, November 30th for Level 3’s and 4’s.  Please be sure to sign your gymnast up at the front desk.  The cost is $10.  We will order from Noodles & Co.

Any questions, please see Amy or Rhea.  

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