M&M Frozen Challenge

M&M Gymnastics
16760 W Victor Rd
New Berlin, WI

Sunday, November 2oth

Trampoline Flight 18:30am

Tumbling Flight 3-9:10am

Tumbling Flight 5-9:50am
BeckyDee, Evie, Vanesa, Makayla N, Rhianna

Trampoline Flight 610:50am
Emma D, Keagan

Trampoline Flight 7-11:10am
BeckyDee, Evie, Kendall, Makayla N, Rhianna


Double Mini Flight 4-1:25pm
BeckyDee, Emma D, Evie, Kendall, Makayla N, Keagan, Rhianna

Double Mini Flight 51:45pm

Awards will follow immediately after each flight. T&T meets usually run ahead of schedule. It is good practice to show up 30-45 minutes early (unless you are in the very first flight in the morning). They will not wait on you to arrive to begin, so be sure to arrive early despite your start time. Please feel free to leave during the break. If doing so, return 30-45 minutes before you next scheduled time. Because T&T meets run long, be sure to pack things to keep your gymnast busy while waiting chattering and horseplay is discouraged and frowned upon. Tablets, ipods, phones, activity books, card games, etc help keep them from boredom and are allowed. If they are going to play music or watch videos be sure to have headphones as well. Water bottles are allowed but eating is usually not allowed on the floor. They are allowed to bring snacks but they must eat their snacks in the designated eating area. It is also suggested that they bring the following, a blanket, extra socks, a sweatshirt, and a pillow. Again, these meets are long. There is a lot of down time in between flights. They are allowed to rest if need be. It also gets cold in the building. Please let Coach Rhea know if you have any questions at all.

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