Fast Track/GB2 Routine Clinic

On November 6th, we will be hosting a mandatory Routine Clinic for the Gold Bugs 2 and Fast Track groups.  Many of our team coaches will be on-hand to help with the routines.

Gold Bugs 2  – 10:30-12:30  

Fast Track  1:00-3:00 p.m.

This will be the best opportunity to learn the Floor and Beam routines.  If you miss this Clinic, you may need to schedule a private lesson with a coach to learn the routines.  Privates are typically $40 an hour.

Don’t forget that November 1st will be your first payment for meet fees.  The first payment will be $110 ($75 for meet fees and $35 for registration).  The remaining 2 fees will be $75 each (unless the entry fees change!).

The Wild Wild West competition is being held on Saturday, October 15th.  We will need parents (and some gymnasts) to help with meet jobs and we will be re-setting up the gym on Sunday morning from 11:00 a.m until is done.  The more power we have the easier it will be. Look for a Sign Up Genius link coming soon.   Gold Bugs and Fast Track will also be asked to donate something for the meet…more details to follow.  This is also a great opportunity for Fast Track and GB gymnasts to watch and see what they will be doing very soon!




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