Name that Gnome

The spirit of the gnome has precedents in numerous ancient and medieval mythologies, often guarding mines and precious underground treasures.  The “Wildcard Gnome” has been appointed to watch over the Wildcard Family.  He will bring good luck and good fortune to all those who come to Wildcard and work hard to unlock their hidden talents as they strive to do their best each day.gnomey


Currently our gnome is nameless.  Help us pick a name that will bring out our gnome’s full potential.  Once given a proper name our gnome’s full power will be unlocked.

To suggest a name for the gnome simply go to the front desk and write your name and your suggestion down on a slip and place it in the suggestion box.  Entries should be placed in the box by MONDAY SEPTEMBER 19th.

Suggestions will be recorded and a final vote will be taken within a week of the deadline.

Good luck and happy gnome naming!!

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