Fox 6 – Thursday, 8/11

Hi all,

Be at Wildcard by 6:30 a.m. (YIKES!) for our Fox 6 TV spot!  Plan to wear your exhibition leotard (short-sleeve) or  an old exhibition leo if you don’t have that one…unless our new ones show up!  Please have hair neat (competition style hair – girls).  Boys should wear a Wildcard shirt and black shorts.

Boys, Girls Optionals and Compulsories you MUST be here for all the Spots. T&T and Xcel Gymnasts are invited to join us.

Here is the schedule I think we are going to work off of:

7:15 – Girls Optionals/Compulsories

7:45 – Parkour & Boys

8:15 – Gold Bugs and T&T? / Girls/Boys tumbling?

8:45 – Demo?

  • After the TV station leaves, the gymnasts may go home and go back to bed!!  There will be NO Practice after the TV spot.  Thanks!




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