AAU Nationals, Olympic Trials, Practices, Meet fees…

Congratulations to all of our gymnasts that competed at AAU Nationals.  We brought home quite a few medals and for some of our gymnasts it was one of their first competitions EVER or their first competition at this Level!  So nice job Wildcard Gymnasts!  Next year’s competition will be held in Kingsport, Tennessee – June 21-June 25th so we are hoping to have even bigger representation from Wildcard!  Start planning now.  See attached link for the flyer!

SaveTheDate – AAU Nationals Tennessee

Level 7
Aaliyah – V 9.2 (4th), UB 8.7 (3rd), BM 7.7, FX 9.025, AA 34.425 (4th)
Emily – Vault 8.9 (6th), Bars 8.0 (5th), BM 7.325, FX 8.725, AA 32.950 (8th)
Jordan – V 8.75, UB 9.2 (1st), BM 8.275, FX 8.85, AA 35.075 (5th)
Lilly – V 9.075(6th), UB 9.175 (2nd),BM 9.0 (2nd),FX 9.125 (5th), AA 36.375(2nd)

Level 6
Aniyah – V 8.75, UB 8.05, BM 8.55, FX 8.65, AA 34.0 (11th)
Damayiah – V 9.2 (4th place), UB 8.25, BM 8.3, FX 9.0 (8th),AA 34.75 (9th)

Level 4
Caelyr – V 8.2 (8th?), UB 8.025, BM 8.4, Floor 8.2, AA 32.850 (10th)
Rhianna – V 7.85, UB 8.225, BM 7.4, FX 8.4, AA 31.825 (10th)

Level 3
Payton – V 8.85, UB 7.7, BM 7.8, FX 8.15, AA 32.50 (11th)
Keagan – V 8.6, UB 7.2, BM 7.25, FX 7.450, AA 30.50 (11th)

Level 2
Tehana – V 8.850, UB 8.8, BM 8.950 (7th), FX 8.95, AA 35.55 (10th)
Nevaeh – V 8.4, UB 7.5, BM 9.025 (6th), FX 8.9, AA 33.825 (14th)
Mae – V 8.8 (7th), UB 8.4, BM 8.75 (5th), FX 8.65, AA 34.6 (10th)
Jessa – V 8.8, UB 8.5, BM 8.8, FX 9.325 (6th), AA 35.435 (9th)

Congratulations gymnasts and coaches!

The Olympic Trials are schedule for this weekend. Here is the televised schedule:
On Friday, July 8 watch live on NBC at 9:00 p.m. ET or watch live online at 8:30 p.m.
On Sunday, July 10 watch live on NBC at 8:30 p.m. ET or watch live online at 8:00 p.m.

NBC has an awesome gymnastics website – catch up on your favorites, watch some behind the scenes with our Olympic hopefuls, check out the Men’s National team and more!! http://www.nbcolympics.com/gymnastics
Don’t miss the Road to Rio!!! USA! USA!

The first installment of compulsory meet fees were supposed to be due July 1st. With Ben and Amy being out of the gym at the competition in Florida, those should be paid before the 20th! However the second installment will be due August 1st. These are for the 8 meets plus State (possibility of 4 for Level 2 gymnasts – though 8 are recommended for consistency, development & progress) that we will be competing in the Fall. If you have not yet seen the schedule, I will try to re-post it, but there are copies hanging on the bulletin board in the gym as well.

2016 Compulsory Meet Schedule Levels 2-4

September 17-18     Racine Gymnastics— Racine, WI*
September 24-25    Swiss Turners—West Allis
October 1-2              CSA—UW Whitewater *
October 8-9             WCGC – Elkhorn
October 15-16          Wildcard Gymnastics – Brookfield * (10/14 Kellogg’s Tour 7 pm )
October 22-23         Northshore Gymnastics– Cedarburg
October 29-30         Starz—Green Bay
November 12-13      M&M Gymnastics—New Berlin*
November 19-20     Pick up meet at Scamps if needed – additional charge
December 3-4          Level 3-5 State Meet – Alliant Center—Madison
December 10-11      Level 2 State Meet—UW Oshkosh
December 10-11      Clash of the Titans UW-Oshkosh (additional meet)

Meet fees (including State Meet & USAG membership)
Level 2 (8 meets & State): $550; $400 (4 meets)
*meets are the 4 required meets, 8 recommended
Level 3 (8 meets & State): $625
Level 4 (8 meets & State): $660

** Installments can be made by: July 1st, August 1st, September 1st & October 1st.
Level 2   4 installments of $137.50 or 4 installments of $100
Level 3   4 installments of $156.25
Level 4   4 installments of $165

Tentative Optional Pricing:  $900-$1000 for 8 meets, State and USAG membership (Invitationals have been costing about $125 per entry, not including a TEAM entry fee, coaching fees not included yet…)

Tentative T&T Pricing: $500 for 4 meets & State; add $60 for USAG membership

Please remember that for our home meet – Compulsory gymnasts and parents will be asked to help with the meet and provide a food item as delegated. Please check the blog and Facebook posts for more closer to the date.

We will have a Fast Track, Level 2 and New Level 3 parent meeting in July.  All Teams meeting regarding Wild Wild West Meet, etc….  Date TBD….

Wildcard’s home meet is scheduled for October 14th & 15th. We will begin set-up on October 12th and 13th and need help putting the gym back together after the meet. ALL compulsory and optional gymnast parents (and older gymnasts) should plan to help, as well as Boys and Fast Track. We will begin planning committees for food, set-up, awards, hospitality, concessions, and more – soon! Watch for upcoming blog posts and sign-ups.

The Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions is here Friday, October 14th at 7 pm. I will do everything possible to make sure that our gymnasts don’t have a session that conflicts with the Tour if you are planning to take you child. Seats range in price from $59-$89. I am not organizing group seats just because I will have enough to do with the meet so if anyone else wants to take that on, let me know. Optionals – If any of you are planning to attend, please let me know – I have a question for you. 🙂 Wishful thinking: Could we get the gym set up Thursday night / finishing touches on Friday morning – then all head to the Kellogg’s tour?? Who’s in?   http://www.kelloggstour.com/ 

Summer practice times are in full swing. Please let us know if your gymnast will be out of town. I will put a calendar on the wall in the office and the gymnasts/families should label it if they have plans to go out of town. We are having an overwhelming number of gymnasts missing from practice so there are too many coaches. We definitely understand it is summer and there are family vacations scheduled but this is also the time when we have achieve the most skills and work on routines. September 1st will come up VERY quickly!! Gymnasts missing skills will not compete until they have all of the skills necessary for the their level. Our goal for Wildcard gymnasts this year is to have all of the NEXT Level skills before the end of the September season. This way gymnasts are ready to try their new level in January during the AAU season.
* Don’t forget about the Hales Corner Library Show at 10:30 on July 13th. Meet at the library about 10:00 a.m to help with set-up and to get stretched. Wear your old exhibition leotards, unless our new ones are here! We will still have regularly scheduled evening practice for Levels 2, 3, 4 that night.

Gold Bugs I : 9-11 Sat (Sarah& Amy)
Gold Bugs II: 5:30-7 W (Sarah) & 11-12:30 Sat (Sarah & Amy)

Fast Track Purple: 4:30-6:30 T & TH (Sam & Julia)
Fast Track Silver: 6:30-8:30 T & TH (Sam & Julia)

Xcel Bronze & Silver: 5:30-7:30 M & W (Beth) * Starts this week!!
Xcel Gold: Come with Level 4s or Optionals

Tops: 4:30-6:30 W, 9-11 Sat (Nadiya)
Hopes: 4:30-6:30 M, 11-1 Sat (Nadiya)

Level 2s: 4:30-6:30 M & W, 9-noon T & TH (Beth, Jessica)
Level 3s: 4:30-7:30 M & W, 9-noon T & TH (Rhea & Kristin & Julia)
Level 4s: 4:30-7:30 M & W, 9-noon T, 9-12:30 F (Christina/Diana)
Level 6-9s: 4:30-8:30 M, T, TH; 9-noon M & TH, 9-12:30 F (Amy, Jessica, Nadiya)

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