Team Monthly Tuition (Revised Update)

Monthly tuition was unable to be processed this week due to issues with our new credit card processor. 

Parents will need to re-enter credit card info to their family accounts via the studio director online system.  This can be accessed through our main website:

–>        –> click “Register Online” left side button

Please use your email and password that was entered when creating your account to log in. If you need your password reset or don’t know your login please contact us via email or in person.

  1.  Click “Edit Payment Information”
  2.  Enter your credit card information and submit.
  3.  Please make a payment for May tuition and any other outstanding charges ASAP.
  4. Anyone without payments or updated info will be contacted by Wednesday May 18th.

As usual monthly tuition has posted to accounts on the first.  Thank you for working with us as we continue to move forward.  This month we have switched our merchant account to Vantiv, one of the largest and most secure merchant carriers.  The process is now complete.  Tuition will continue to post on the first and be processed  on the 10th of each month.  Please review your accounts monthly to verify that your tuition and other charges are being paid on time.

Any other questions about accounts please email, call, or stop in.

Mr. Ben



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