Summer Team Schedule

We are planning to start the summer schedule and morning practices the week of June 13th.  We may have to make a few modifications because of a couple coaches that will be out of town and our travel to AAU Nationals.  Reminder:  Gold Bugs follow the Recreational class schedule.

Gold Bugs I :  9-11 Sat   (Sarah& Amy)
Gold Bugs II:  5:30-7 W (Sarah)  & 11-12:30 Sat   (Sarah & Amy)

Fast Track Purple:  4:30-6:30  T & TH   (Sam & Julia & Rae)
Fast Track Silver:  4:30-6:30  T & TH   (Sam & Julia & Rae)

Xcel Bronze:  5:30-7:30  M & W  (Rhea)
*XB: June 14 & 16  – No practice; Come with XS Mon & Weds
Xcel Silver:  6:30-8:30  T & TH    (Beth)
Xcel Gold:  11:00-1  M;  5:30-8:30 W,  10:30-1 Sat   (Jessica/Ava)
*XG: No practice 6/15 or 6/22 – Jessica out of town; please make up with Level 4 practices

Tops:  4:30-6:30 W, 9-11 Sat  (Nadiya)
Hopes:  4:30-6:30 M, 11-1 Sat  (Nadiya)

Level 2s:  4:30-6:30 M & W, 9-noon T & TH  (Beth*, Jessica)
Level 3s:  4:30-7:30 M & W, 9-noon T & TH  (Rhea* & Kristin & Julia)
Level 4s:  4:30-7:30 M & W, 9-noon T, 9-12:30 F (Christina*/Diana)
Level 6-9s: 4:30-8:30 M, T, TH;  9-noon M & TH, 9-12:30  F  (Rae, Amy*, Jessica, Nadiya*)

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