T&T State Team Dinner and Meet Schedule

Team Dinner

The T&T team dinner will be Thursday, March 31st. There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk for those who plan on attending. We will order from Chipotle. Participants can choose between burritos or tacos with their choice of toppings. They will make their selections on the sign up sheet. The cost is $10 and the deadline is Thursday 5:30pm.

Meet Schedule
Sunday April 3rd
Sun Prairie High School
501 South Bird Ste
Sun Prairie, WI

Flight 3 10:15am

Flight 5 10:55am

Flight 7 11:35am

Flight 8 12:00pm

Flight 9 12:20pm
Emma D, Keagan

Double Mini
Flight 3 10:25am
Emma D, Kendall, Keagan

Flight 4 10:45am

Flight 5 11:05am

Flight 6 11:25am

Lunch 12:45pm

Flight 3 2:15pm
Emma D, Kendall, Keagan

Flight 5 2:55pm

Flight 6 3:15pm

Flight 8 3:55pm

Let’s all arrive at 9:45am. Please be sure to check in before leaving to see if the meet is running ahead of schedule and when you should return. Be sure to bring plenty to keep your gymnast busy (phone, ipod, tablet, etc). They may also bring a throw blanket and small pillow to keep them comfy in between flights and snacks if needed.


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