Rainbow Meet updated

Medford Area Elementary School (behind the high school)
1057 West Broadway, Medford, WI 54451
Saturday, April 2nd

Level 5-7: Aaliyah, Emily, Sarah
Arrive: 12:15
Warmup starts at 12:30
March in at 1:00
Awards at 4:15

Level 4 – Caelyr
Arrive: @4:15pm
Warmup: @4:30pm
Competition Starts:@5:00pm
Awards: @7:30pm

Sunday, April 3rd Level 3 -Mckayla
Arrive at @7:45 am
Warm up : @8:00am
Competition Starts: @8:30am
Awards: @11:00am

Level 2 – Joy, Payton, Aramae, Jessica, Alana, Josie, Lucy, Mahogany, Jessa Arrive:@11:00am
Warm up at 11:15 am
Competition Starts: @11:45am
Awards: @2:30pm

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