Now registering for Spring Session!!

Hi all!  Hope the Winter Blues haven’t gotten to you yet!  Snow…no snow…Well, this is Wisconsin!  Keep in mind that Wildcard offers plenty of opportunities for your snow bunnies to run off their energy.  Visit us for classes or Open Gyms.  Wildcard offers Preschool age Open Gym on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 am-11:30 am for just $5!  Invite your friends and play groups since it is open to the public.  There is school-age open gym on Fridays from 8:30-10 p.m.  ($10; and $2 additional for pizza and soda) and Saturdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  

We are finishing up our Winter session – which ends February 27th.  Next week, look for your instructor to hand out registration reminders and recommendations for the next session.  Registration is already available so you can register early and save your spot in class!  For best results, we recommend you register by Week 7 so that you can be sure you get the class and time you want.  For the Spring session, which runs February 28th- April 30th, we have a couple of announcements.  Saturday classes for that session will only run for 6 weeks due to other events that are hosting at Wildcard.  Your class price will reflect that there is only 6 weeks of class (No Classes March 5th and April 16th).  Wildcard will also be closed for the Easter Holidays March 24th-March 30th.  

Did you know the Summer Olympic Games are only 182 days away!!  The Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Check out this site to become an expert on the Olympics and particularly gymnastics!    As lots of people are preparing for the Olympics, many little girls and boys will want to try their hand at one of the most watched Olympic sports — Gymnastics (according to Topend Sports survey:  Now is the best time to get your child enrolled!  Granted only 6 of the nation’s top athletes qualify to the Olympics, there are still many other beneficial reasons for your child to participate in gymnastics (at any age!).

  1. Strength – a typical 1 hour a week class provides your child with an opportunity to learn new strength training techniques while still having fun; teaches children to use their own body weight in a safe manner; weight bearing activities help to promote good bone health
  2. Flexibility – helps to decrease risks of injury and allows muscles to work most efficiently
  3. Activity/Fitness– Children should get 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day and should include muscle and bone strengthening activities at least three days a week.  Gymnastics targets many different muscles and teaches different types of activities ranging from easy to more advanced.  Gymnastics works to enhance a gymnast’s strength, flexibility, speed, balance and coordination.
  4. Other sports – Gymnastics teaches coordination and spatial movements that help in learning other sports too!
  5. Balance – Walking on the beam will also help your child with skateboarding, roller blading, ice skating, and even riding a bike!
  6. Falling – Sure, we all fall down, but do you know the right way?  Gymnasts learn that is not only okay to fall down, but that there are safe ways to do it.  In addition, falling allows children to get back up and show you that they can do it even better!
  7. Following Directions – Gymnasts learn at a young age to listen to other adults and learn how to follow rules during class, as well as interact with others.  
  8. Excellence in School – There is a proven correlation that children that participate in gymnastics do better in school.  Check out this site for more:  Why Gymnastics Is Great For Kids…
  9. Perseverance, Achievement, Goal Setting
  10. Mental Toughness
  11. Friendships
  12. Higher Self-Esteem – in a high profile sport, this has always been an issue but in reality, gymnastics teaches kids what they can do on their own; classes are often differentiated for each students ability, allowing gymnasts to progress at their own rate.
  13. Power of Repetition – Do you get tired to reminding your child to study her Spelling words or memorize his Multiplication Tables?  Well, gymnastics teaches children why repetition is important!
  14. Overcoming Fears
  15.  College Scholarships

                              Do you need more??!!!

Wildcard has opened up a ton of new classes to accommodate all of our families!  Look for class times to fit your schedule.  Don’t see something on the schedule?  Send us an email, with 3 gymnasts enrolled, we can open a class just for your child and his/her friends.  There are several new Parkour classes too!  Come learn to flip like a ninja!  

Wildcard is also a great place for a field trip or birthday party.  Talk to your schools about having a rewards field trip to break those “Winter Blues” or host a Scout Overnight!  There’s tons to do at Wildcard Gymnastics.  Who knows, maybe our 2020 Olympic team member is bouncing off your walls!

One last request – as you register for classes, please make sure you sign the e-waiver online and make sure your contact information is current.  Thanks much!

Have more questions?  Email us at:

Don’t forget to “friend” us on Facebook too!
No Classes March 24-March 30th.

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