Updated T&T Chinese New Year Meet Schedule

Please note that this is an updated meet schedule. Times have been changed and flights have been added. Let’s still plan on meeting at 8:00 so that we are on time in the event they are already running ahead of schedule. Please email Rhea at rhearobi76@gmail.com if you would like to do an open gym practice at M&M this Saturday, February 6th. She will attend if enough people are interested.

6300 Nesbitt Rd
Fitchburg WI 53719

Sunday, February 7th


Flight 3-8:45-9:05

Flight 8-10:25-10:55

Flight 10-11:25-11:55
Thao, Kendall

Flight 11-11:55-12:25
Emma D, Keagan


Flight 3-8:40-9:00
Emma D, Keagan

Flight 4-9:00-9:10
Thao, Kendall

Flight 6-9:30-9:50

Flight 10-10:50-11:10

***Break*** Please check before leaving for break to see if the meet is running ahead of schedule

Double Mini

Flight 2-1:20-1:40
Thao, Emma D, Kendall, Keagan

Flight 4-2:05-2:35

Flight 7-3:10-3:30

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