T&T Chinese New Year

6300 Nesbitt Rd
Fitchburg WI 53719

Sunday, February 7th


Flight 3-8:40am-9:10am

Flight 8-10:45am-11:15am

Flight 10-11:40am-12:00pm
Thao, Emma D, Kendall, Keagan


Flight 3-8:35am-8:55am
Thao, Emma D, Kendall, Keagan

Flight 6-9:30am-9:50am

Flight 10-10:50am-11:10am

***Break*** Please check before leaving for break to see if the meet is running ahead of schedule

Double Mini

Flight 2-1:20pm-1:40pm
Thao, Emma D, Kendall, Keagan

Flight 4-2:05pm-2:20pm

Flight 7-3:00pm-3:20pm

Let’s have everyone arrive at 8:00am in case the meet is already running ahead of schedule. Please be sure to bring things to keep them occupied in between flights. Because we have previously experienced being quite cold, do not hesitate bringing a small blanket, gloves, extra socks, etc to keep them warm.

We will be going to M&M this Saturday, January 30th for Open Gym but will not be attending on February 6th. If this should happen to change, you will be notified.

This is our last meet before State. State is Sunday, April 3 in Sun Prairie. All gymnasts have qualified for State. Please let us know if you do not plan on attending. Once more information about State is received it will be shared. In the meantime, we will attend as many Open Gym sessions as possible in order to prepare.

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