Hal’s Harley Davidson (Midwest Twisters) replaces Cruise Classic

Unfortunately, Wildcard will be unable to host the Cruise Classic this year as we are having difficulty accessing the Meet Registration and we are running out of time. But keep your fingers crossed for next year’s Wild West meet and 2017 Cruise Classic.

Hal’s Harley Meet hosted by Midwest Twisters on February 12-14, will replace the Wildcard Cruise Classic for Optionals and Xcel. However, There will be an additional charge due to the change of venue. (Because it is not our meet, we will credit Xcel and Optionals the meet fee it would have cost at Wildcard and the remaining charge will be up to Optionals and Xcel to pay.)  Optionals and Xcel will owe an additional $75 for the meet fee.

Any Levels 2-6 that would like to compete please let us know ASAP. The cost is $100 for Levels 2-5, and $125 for any new Level 6s looking to compete their new routines. They are looking to have final numbers by Friday, Jan. 14th. Please email Amy at amyg@wildcard-gymnastics.com so we can get them entered.

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