T&T Meets, News, and Updates

M&M Challenge T&T
West Allis Central H.S.
8516 w Lincoln Ave
West Allis, WI
Sunday, January 10th


Flight 1-Arrive 8:00am, Start 8:30am

Flight 2-Arrive 8:20am, Start 8:50am

Flight 3-Arrive 8:40am, Start 9:10am

Flight 4-Arrive 8:30am, Start 9:00am

Flight 5-Arrive 9:20am, Start 9:50am
Emma D, Keagan

Flight 7-Arrive 10:15am, Start 10:45am
Thao, Kendall

Flight 8-Arrive 10:45am, Start 11:15am


Flight 2-Arrive 8:15am, Start 8:45am

Flight 3-Arrive 8:35am, Start 9:05am

Flight 4-Arrive 9:00am Start 9:30am
Thao, Emma D, Keagan, Krista

Flight 5-Arrive 9:20am, Start 9:50am

Flight 6-Arrive 9:40am, Start 10:20am

Flight 7-Arrive 10:05, Start 10:35am

Lunch Break 12:00pm-12:30pm

Double Mini

Flight 3-Arrive 12:35pm, Start 1:05pm
Thao, Emma D, Kendall, Keagan, Krista

Flight 4-Arrive 12:55pm, Start 1:25pm

Flight 5-Arrive 1:15pm, Start 1:45pm

Flight 6-Arrive 1:35pm, Start 2:05pm

Flight 7-Arrive 1:55pm, Start 2:25pm

Just a reminder that these meets run long and usually run ahead of schedule. Please remember to leave jewelry including earrings at home. Don’t forget trampoline shoes. Packing a lunch, snacks, and plenty of things to do (tablets, activity books, ipod, etc) is highly suggested. Gymnasts are free to leave at the completion of awards after their last event.

Also, Please remember that practice for T&T has changed. Practice for T&T is now Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00pm-5:30pm. New practice times go in effect Tuesday, January 5th.

We will plan to attend open gym at M&M as often as possible. Along with tonight’s outing, We plan to attend open gym again right before the meet. IF they are still going to have open gym Saturday, January 9th, we will attend that day as well. Please remember Open Gym is 6pm-8pm is $10.

Upcoming Meets

Our next meet is the Hang 10.0 meet in Kenosha January 16th and 17th. The meet schedule for this one will be posted soon. We also have Chinese New Year Invite February 7th in Fitchburg. As soon as the meet schedule for this becomes available (within the next few weeks), it will be posted.

State Meet

State meet for T&T will be on Sunday, April 3rd. It is being hosted in Sun Prairie at Sun Prairie High School. Gymnast qualify for State by attending two regular season meets.

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