Altius Pink Meet purposed schedule

Altius Pink Meet

We have a proposed schedule for the Altius Pink Meet.  It appears as if this is the schedule that they will be going with, however if anyone has an issue with the time in which their gymnast is competing, please let us know.  The schedule is incomplete but this is what we know so far.


Friday, January 29th

Level 3

Arrive 8:15am

Stretch 8:30am

Begins 8:45am

Awards 11:30am

Level 4

Arrive 11:30am

Stretch 11:45am

Begins 12:00pm

Awards 2:45pm

Level 5

Arrive 2:45pm

Stretch 3:00pm

Begins 3:15pm

Awards 5:15pm

Level 9-10, Xcel Platinum and Diamond

Arrive 5:15pm

Stretch 5:30pm

Begins 5:45pm

Awards 9:30pm

Saturday, January 30

Level 6

Arrive 7:45am

Stretch 8:00am

Begins 8:15am

Awards 12:00pm

Level 7

Arrive 12:30pm

Stretch 12:45pm

Begins 1:00pm

Awards 4:45pm


Level 8

Arrive 5:00pm

Stretch 5:15pm

Begins 5:30pm

Awards 8:30pm

Sunday, January 30

Xcel Bronze

Arrive 7:45am

Stretch 8:00am

Begins 8:15am

Awards 9:30am

Xcel Silver 8-10 yr old

Arrive 9:15am

Stretch 9:30am

Begins 10:45am

Awards 12:30pm

Xcel Silver 11 yr old and up

Arrive 12:15pm

Stretch 12:30pm

Begins 1:30pm

Awards 3:00pm

Xcel Gold 8-11 and 14 yr old

Arrive 3:00pm

Stretch 3:15pm

Begins 4:30pm

Awards 6:15pm

Xcel Gold 12, 13, and 15 yr old and up

Arrive 6:00pm

Stretch 6:15pm

Begins 7:30pm

Awards 9:15pm

Again, please let us know by Dec 3rd if you do not plan on competing due to the time.  The final schedule (with names) will be posted once it is received.


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2 Responses to Altius Pink Meet purposed schedule

  1. Tamica Buliox says:

    I definitely would prefer another time or another day if possible. Kayla has school that day.

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