Clash of the Titans Meet Dec 13 (Sun)

Clash of the TItans Meet   12/13/15
Kolf Fieldhouse
(also known as: Kolf Physical Education Center,Kolf Sports Center)
785 High Ave.
Oshkosh, WI
Building Number: 012

Sunday, Dec. 13th
Level 3-5, Xcel Bronze, Xcel Silver
Caelyr, Rhiana, Aniyah, Essence, Mariyah, Sarah, Taylor, Damayiah
Hayden, Brill, Leslie, Elizabeth S, KaMiya, Megan P, River, Angel, Natalia, Skyler, Amanda, Mya, Jenna W., Paige

Arrive 9:30 AM
Warm ups 9:45 AM
March in 10:00 AM
Awards 12:30 PM

Level 6, Xcel Gold, Xcel Diamond, Xcel PLatinum
Emily, Nadia,  Aaliyah, Norah, Ryann, Anastasia, Madeline C, Kelsey, Alivia, Maggie, Anna P, Kamryn, Jenna Wilson, Maeggan, Stephanie, Hattie, Miley

Arrive 12:30 PM
Warm ups 12:45 PM
March in 1:00 PM
Awards 3:45 PM

Level 7-9
Ava, Lily J, Elie, Jordan, Eden, Rose, Ava, Glenna, Crystal
Arrive 3:45 PM
Warm ups 4:00 PM
March in 4:15 PM
Awards 6:45 PM

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