Additional Compulsory Meets…

I am finishing registering the Optionals for their upcoming meets and was wondering if any of the other Girls compulsory gymnasts (Level 2-5) are interested in competing at these meets as well.  (I’d be willing to pick up the Midwest Invite for Optionals and Xcel too).

Clash of the Titans Meet in Oshkosh – Dec 12-13   Cost:  L2 $60, L3-5 $75          (Optionals & Xcel are already registered for this meet)

M&M Challenge (West Allis) – Jan 9-10      Cost:  L2 $50, L3-5  $75   (Optionals & Xcel are already registered for this meet)

Pink Ribbon Meet (Franklin) – Jan 29-31   Cost:  L3-5 $70          (Optionals & Xcel are already registered for this meet)

Midwest Twisters Invite (Milw) – Feb 13-14  Cost:  L2  $75, L3-5 $90, L6-9 $105, Xcel $90   (Boys are registered for this meet)

Salto Invite (West Allis) – L2 $65, L3-5 $110, Xcel $90                  (Optionals are already registered for this meet)

  • Please let me know ASAP if you would like to be added to these meets.  I can charge your card or you can get me a check.
  • FYI – Optionals not planning on attending the Cancun meet, your account has NOT been charged!!


**** Warm-ups – I am trying to do a last call for anyone that has not received warm-ups/Jackets (and you have paid for them!).  If you haven’t paid for them and would like to order, please let Amy know ASAP!  I am hoping to have the final order in this week.




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1 Response to Additional Compulsory Meets…

  1. Kristen says:

    Hi there. Can you tell me what other “off season” meets there will be or are these the only ones? Trying to figure out which ones Kaylie will do.

    Thanks again for all the hard work. Sure wish she could get that kip.


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