Optionals…Meet changes…?

I am thinking about changing a couple of the meets due to my work schedule.  Please let me know if this is a concern or problem for you – the weekends are the same, the venues are different. So instead of  The Legacy Luau meet in Minnesota, I would like to change to the Pink Ribbon Meet at Altius (Jan 29-31) and instead of the Mississippi River Vacation Classic in Iowa, change to Salto Invite (at State Fair, March 5-6).  If anyone has any objections, please let me know.  Thanks!

Updated Schedule – pending??

Dec 12-13  Clash of the Titans, Oshkosh (Do we want to do this??)

Jan 1-4 Cancun Classic (please let Blain know if you are planning to go!!)

Jan 9-10 M&M Challenge, West Allis Central

Jan 29-31 Pink Ribbon Classic, Altius

Feb 20-21 Cruise Classic, Wildcard

Mar 5-6 Salto Invite, State Fair

March 19-20  STATE , Madison

April 2-3 REGIONALS 

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